2018 Private InPlace Services

WatermanHurst’s curated team of consultants and advisors have a track record of achievement both as a coach and as an operating executive or talent consultant. Our advisor-coaches have been at the “table” and know the dynamics and pressures of career moves and leadership positions. In addition, all of our advisor-coaches have been trained in our proprietary advisor-coaching process

“95% of our advisory clients report achieving career goals that were out of their reach, as well as significantly greater momentum, when they compare their career and professional lives  prior to engaging Waterman Hurst. The quality of relationships, their reputation, their understanding of their career  strategy and what it takes, as well as the achievement of their intended goals are some of the reasons given for greater achievement and satisfaction.” 

Executive Presence and Visibility

Waterman Hurst provides confidential services to ensure your image and presence fit your career goals.

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Stylist/Executive Presence
  • Online Visibility

Professional Assessment

If your career has stalled and you don’t know why,  unfiltered feedback and self-knowledge for your eyes only may be all you need to regain career momentum.

Waterman Hurst conducts a private and confidential 360 Degree Assessment. References are checked from past employers, your present confidential network and professional associations to determine if your present goals are endorsed and if not, what adjustments need to be made to achieve your professional milestones.



Private Advisory/Coaching  Services

Our InPlace clients hire us to achieve career objectives within their present company. They engage us for many different outcomes. 

  • Navigating ongoing politics
  • Better relationship(s) at work.
  • Achieving a Promotion/Compensation Package
  • More Influence/Higher Stature/Reputation
  • Greater Visibility
  • Meeting Management/ Presentation Preparation
  • Ongoing Job Search Advice Post Private Job Search Preparation
  • Improved Image or Reputation