Our Services:

We understand that our clients are entrusting us with their career, spending significant personal time working with us, and making an investment when they hire Waterman Hurst. We are honored every time a new or repeat client engages our services. We hold ourselves accountable to our individual client’s goals.

Based upon our team’s expertise and experience as C-level Operating Executives, Heads of Talent, Communications/Marketing Executives, and Executive Recruiters, our services are designed and delivered for the near term and ongoing success of our clients. We use our combined best practices and then, consistently personalize our services to ensure that every client achieves their most optimal outcome.

Every Waterman Hurst client has unique goals, career histories, strengths, weaknesses and different circumstances when they engage us. We get to know our clients very well before services are delivered, so we understand what makes each of our clients uniquely talented as leaders. We keep that uniqueness foremost in our minds throughout our clients’ engagement.