Private Job Search

Our clients report much better results considering job search duration, the quality of offers, and the number of opportunities and offers, when comparing a Private Job Search to previous job searches.

“For the past 17 years, we have been a truly unique private career services provider, a quiet and effective team behind our client’s successful job moves – driving a better fit for their professional, personal and financial objectives.”
-Janice Waterman, Founder

There are four steps to our Private Job Search Process and Services. After each step, you can determine if you want to engage the team for the next step or one on one advisory-coaching, or execute the remainder of your search with expert tools, training, preparation and planning. Your unique approach can be equally effective to reaching your goals depending upon your job search experience, skills, the strength of your network, your market position, and the time you have available to allocate to a job search.

Step 1: Strategic Search Preparation

You may engage us for Step 1 to be prepared with all the tools and the plan you need to execute a strategic and thorough search.

Step 1 includes services to launch or energize your search. Your Marketing Plan, Resume, LinkedIn profile, Biography and Marketing Letters are all built to achieve your unique goals, considering primary and secondary goals, target market, unique experiences and leadership skill set, your message, professional story, market position, your value proposition challenges and advantages, and include detailed target market contact lists which generally include between 200 and 500 contacts with access to positions that fit your goals.

Step 2: Interview and Network Training

You may engage us for Step 1 and 2 to be fully prepared to navigate the market and market yourself armed with expert research, preparation, guidance and practice for networking meetings and interviewing in a variety of customized and relevant scenarios.

Step 3: Reference Report and First 60 Days-Advisory Coaching

You may engage us for Step 1 through 3 so that you will know upfront what your references will say about you and receive guidance on how to manage the reference process, and market your own background and skills, fully understanding your position and reputation in the marketplace, and if needed, a strategy to be seen the way you want to be seen.

In addition, as you enter the marketplace and encounter your first experiences with networking, leads and interviews, you will have an experienced advisor-coach by your side to avoid mistakes as you make your first impressions and connect with your most valuable resources.

Step 4: End to End Services

You may engage us for an End to End Private Search which includes all 4 Steps. An End to End Private Search provides comprehensive and highly customized coaching, research, planning and marketing services from day one of your search or search reboot through an accepted offer.

In addition to Step 1 through Step 3 services, End to End Services includes coaching, networking and writing support, interview preparation and research, 12 weeks of Waterman Hurst introductions (all connections identified and agreed as relevant to your search during the Marketing Plan process), as well as strategy, negotiations, compensation research, and decision support.

Private Job Search Services must be purchased in chronological order.

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