Private Job/Board Search Services

“For the past 18 years, we have been a truly unique private career services provider, a quiet and effective team behind our client’s successful job moves – driving a better fit for their professional, personal and financial objectives. More opportunities means a better fit – when clients have choices they can zero in on the one that best fits their goals.”
-Janice Waterman, Founder

Private Job/Board Search Services 

Private Search Services include four discrete service offerings. You can determine how much of your Job/Board Search you want to do on your own and how much expertise and support you need to achieve your desired outcomes and goals.

Search Preparation

Provides all the tools, research, planning and preparation you need to execute a strategic and thorough search.

Our preparation services launch or energize your search. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • Target Market Research and Contact Lists
  • Resume
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Marketing Letters
  • Interview and Networking Outline
  • Customized Practice and Preparation

Market and Reputation Assessment

These services are provided for upfront self-knowledge and current market intelligence.

Waterman Hurst discretely conducts reference checks and market survey calls authorized by you to greatly enhance the chances of your success and the value of your job search investment.

Marketing and Promotion Services

Let us help you generate viable activity; introductions, leads, interviews and offers.

These services provide 12 weeks of active promotion and marketing of your background. We collaborate with you to execute your marketing plan, under your direction. In addition, coaching research and preparation services are provided throughout the twelve weeks.

End to End Services

Comprehensive support and services to launch or reboot your job search until you accept your next position. 

If you engage us for end to end services, we will provide comprehensive preparation, assessment, intelligence, coaching, and marketing/promotion services to drive the highest level of activity and choices, until you chose to accept an opportunity.

This bundle includes all the Private Search Services offered by Waterman Hurst.