Private Job Search

Our clients report much better results when comparing job search duration, the quality of offers, and the number of opportunities considered, when comparing a Private Job Search to their previous job searches without the benefit of Waterman Hurst.

Our unique Private Job Search service allows you to continue being successful on the job while our team works under your direction driving a strategic and comprehensive job search.

According to our client surveys, hiring Waterman Hurst for a Private Job Search results in higher visibility, more opportunities and offers, a significantly better financial outcome and a much broader and higher level professional network over the long term.

  • Over 70% of our clients receive multiple offers.
  • Our clients achieve at least double the number of opportunities they generate on their own.
  • Our clients job search duration is reduced by more than 30% compared to their previous search without our team.
  • 83 percent our clients report that they have achieved their top three priorities in their next role when they work with us.

Our highly personalized end to end services include the following:

  • Goal Clarification and Assessment
  • 360 Degree Reference Report
  • Target Market Plan
  • Resume, LinkedIn Profile
  • Phone, Skype, and in Person Interview Training and Assessment
  • Attainment of Introductions and Interviews
  • Ongoing Coaching to “get to yes”
  • Negotiation Preparation and Support
  • Optional services: Image Consultation, Professional Photo, Professional Video, LinkedIn Training, Presentation Training

If you would like more details and the costs associated with Private Job Search services, please request a Private Job Search flyer or Optional Services flyer by contacting us below.

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