Who are your clients?

We serve leaders which include CEOs and Board Directors, other C-level executives and their direct reports as well as emerging leaders. Many of our clients come to us on a referral basis. All of our clients are highly recommended.

Who do you work for and who pays your fees?

Our private clients select us and hire us, we work only for them, and they pay our fees. Occasionally, private clients hire us and then persuade their companies to pay our fees.

What is your success rate?

These numbers are based upon the success rate of clients over the last 5 years. We cannot guarantee or predict future individual outcomes.

How do your leadership categories work?

We have designed our services for three levels of leaders: CEO/Presidents, Established Leaders and Emerging Leaders. Some of our career services are for all levels of leaders and some are unique.

As you move up the leadership career ladder, the bar is raised with regard to skills and standards, and there are fewer positions available. CEO/Board and Established Leader services require highly experienced career specialists and generally more time and energy to help our clients achieve their stretch goals, therefore the costs of these services are higher.

What is the main reason leaders hire Waterman Hurst?

Our clients come to us when they desire change. They have specific career goals and outcomes they expect to achieve by partnering with Waterman Hurst. Often, they start working with us when they want to make a job move or obtain a Board position. From there, they hire us again when they want to obtain a promotion or better compensation package, want more career options and visibility, improve their executive presence, improve their relationships at work, relocate geography, etc.  We build relationships that span entire careers and often help clients through multiple internal career changes and external career moves.

What industries do you serve?

Technology, Consumer Products, Digital, Financial Services, Media, Industrial, Energy, Construction, Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals. Some clients want to move from one industry or sector to another. For those engagements, our breadth of industry experience is critical.

What C-level positions do you specialize in? 

We work with all C-level positions, including CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, CMO, Presidents, CHRO, CLO, and CPOs. CEOs, Presidents and COOs hire us most frequently, but every year we work with many clients in each C-level role.

Can I hire your firm to move up – to prepare me and promote me for a CEO job?

We have helped many clients reach that goal, but becoming a CEO is not for every C-level executive. We conduct market research as well as an assessment to help clients determine if a CEO role is appropriate, and if it is, we help them reach their goal. If there are experiences they need or skills they need to develop before becoming a CEO, we help them identify areas of development, we help they develop a plan to reach their goal and refer them to leadership coaches, as needed.

What if I want to move into a PE portfolio company? Or an emerging company? How about a large public company? 

We have helped many clients move from public to private companies. And most of them never go back. Some clients will only work for public companies. Clients hire us so they can achieve specific goals that they may not have the time, skills, network or knowledge to achieve on their own.

How much do I need to spend to hire Waterman Hurst?

It depends upon your experience, skills, priorities, time available and goals. If you need a goal setting session, an initial reality check on your goals and some insights on ways to achieve your goal, the cost will be $500 for an initial 90 minute session. If you want to up your game and engage us for a strategic and comprehensive Private Job Search driving multiple viable offers, the cost will be in the tens of thousands of dollars, involving months of teamwork on our part.

It sounds like the investment will be large if I want to hire Waterman Hurst for an End to End Private Job/Board Search. How can I determine if your services are worth the cost? 

More than 85 percent of our clients who prioritize a larger pay package as one of their End to End Private Job/Board Search goals, not only make up for the cost of Waterman Hurst’s fees with their new compensation package, they realize a return of 2 or 3 times their investment. While these results are not guaranteed, they occur very frequently under these circumstances.

What if I am tempted to hire you to help me make a move because I think I can do better, but I am not sure what is out there and whether the investment will be worth it?

You can hire us for goal setting and assessment, and market and competitive intelligence. We confidentially find out the reaction of gatekeepers to your background and in addition, what the overall marketplace looks like for the position and outcomes you want to achieve. If there are actions you need to make to become competitive before you can achieve your job search goals, the market is depressed or saturated, or the timing is not right, we will let you know.

What if I don’t know what I want my next career step to be?

Many clients hire us with a Plan A, B and C. If you don’t know what A, B and C, are, you are in need of a Career Counselor, and we can refer you to one.

Do you help clients succeed at their present companies?

Often clients come to us with career challenges or setbacks internal to their own companies and we coach them toward their goals, whether it be a promotion, a raise, fitting into the culture, or getting along with their boss. If the challenges are leadership career related, we can help. If leadership skills need fine tuning, we refer them to experts in leadership.

What if I have been fired. Can I hire your firm?

Yes, everyone has career setbacks. Getting fired is the most challenging setback. A great majority of our clients that hire us when they are in-between, move on to even more successful careers.

Can you help me get a promotion or raise?

Often clients need help getting to the next step. First we assess the situation, collaborate with our client on a clear strategy that will drive results and coach them through the process, if needed. We also research compensation scenarios, if that is needed.

What if I don’t know if my goals are realistic or if I am on the right path?

We have specific services that address both of those questions. We conduct current market and competitive research, as well as evaluate your present situation and plan, if needed.

May I speak with clients of Waterman Hurst?

Absolutely. Once a serious interest has been established, you can pick from a long list of client references. In the meantime, please view our client stories and testimonials by clicking here.

I am not sure Waterman Hurst services are right for me? How can I find out?

Contact us and we will do our best to answer all of your questions to determine fit.

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