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Waterman Hurst has facilitated C-level seamless career moves since 2000. Over 95% of our previous clients have returned to us when they are ready to make another career move.

Our mission:

  • We focus our practice on what we do best: C- Level and their direct reports, corporate to corporate career moves (both public and private companies).
  • We coach, promote, and at times, copilot our client’s searches so they achieve their goals with the next move.
  • We offer end to end, best in class, unbundled career services, so clients can use us when they need us during their search.
  • Our sole agenda is our client’s agenda: we only work for our senior executive clients.
  • We are honored and cognizant of the responsibility our clients have entrusted to us.

When you should consider using Waterman Hurst:

  • You don’t have time to generate multiple options for your next move.
  • You need an exceptionally high level of confidentiality which prevents you from approaching career options on your own.
  • You have been engaged in a search already and you are not getting the offers that you want.
  • You have some historical hurdles that you need to overcome and haven’t been able to do it on your own.
  • The market considers you too young or too old to get the offers you want.
  • You want to make a major geographical, industry, or role change with your next move.

If you feel you have questions about our services, please email us.

If you feel you are ready for an in depth discussion about your present goals, progress and strategy contact us for an initial strategy session by emailing us for the password to the payment page and scheduling a session.

The content and outcome of the interactive initial strategy session will be:

  • A brief discussion of work history and accomplishments.
  • A high level draft document on goals and priorities
  • An initial assessment of your marketing collateral (resume, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • A high level overview of the marketplace.
  • An initial analysis of where your goals, experience and the marketplace interconnect.
  • A high level evaluation of your previous moves and searches, and your present one, if it is already in process.