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Due to the confidential nature of our services, client names have not been included. Waterman Hurst will provide Private Search client references upon request.


“I was let go and expatriated back to the U.S. after 8 years overseas. Janice brought me up to speed on the U.S. job market and made key introductions. One search introduction led to the offer I ending up accepting. Leaving my old company was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

President and General Manager, $850MM Construction Company


“Waterman Hurst helped me transition to a new career-without their help, I probably would still be stuck in a role with limited challenge and upside. I couldn’t see the way and didn’t have the cycles on my own.”

Senior Partner, $2B+ Consulting Firm

“Janice is the best coach out there. She gives me a perspective that is always helpful and absolutely unique.”

President and CEO, $170MM Health Care Company


“As far as I know, Waterman Hurst is the only senior executive consulting firm that does everything for your job search. I hated the idea of networking on my own and making the calls and asking for help. I wanted to choose from many opportunities and my network was limited. I ended up with two offers and I was more than satisfied with the results.”

“In the end, it was the coaching that I received that brought me back to them on my subsequent search. I have been a CEO for over twenty years, so I have worked with many executive coaches. No one understands the process and the politics of both search and negotiations at the top of a company better. I am able to plan, anticipate and adequately prepare for the next step every time I walk into an important meeting or negotiations. I have referred them to several friends.”

CEO, $10B Manufacturing Company


“Waterman Hurst helped me land my first CEO position. I will always be grateful. I found that the interview and negotiation advice was priceless.”

CEO, $50MM Beverage Consumer Products Company


“The most valuable part of hiring Waterman Hurst was the training and feedback I received on how to communicate in interviews. You taught me how to get past the “gatekeepers” and move through the process one step at a time. The connections that I have made as a part of the process have also been of great value. Given my work schedule, I would have never been able to expand my network the way you and your team have done.”

Chief Technology Officer, $1.8B Technology Company


“The strategy, feedback and support you have provided me the last few months has been invaluable.  The plan your team put together really hit the mark-and when my priorities changed, you were flexible and helped me close the role that turned out to be ideal for me. You were right-geography trumped everything for me.  Thank you.”

EVP, $30MM Business Services Firm


“I am truly amazed by what we have accomplished together in 4 short months. You delivered much more than I expected. Your process really works, you and your team did what you said you would. Janice, your coaching nailed it 9 times out of 10. I am already starting my “dream job” 4 weeks before our optimistic deadline-in the right industry, right role, and right geography. Without your encouragement and coaching, I would never had gone for a 40% increase in compensation and gotten it.  Thank you for helping me put it all together so fast.”

EVP, President, $200MM Technology Company


“Before I hired Waterman Hurst I didn’t plan my career moves. I made several mistakes. I started searching for a new President role over a year ago. I wasn’t making any progress on the job search until I was referred to WH by a well-respected YPO CEO within my community.  Janice helped me to think through my strategy, my unique capabilities and clearly identify and understand my targets. We prepared for interviews together and she helped me to negotiate my deal. I just gave notice and I have met 90 percent of my goals with this move.”

President, $20MM Startup within $21B Healthcare Company


“From a pragmatic standpoint, if I had not hired your firm, I might still be stuck in a job I had grown to dislike. Thank you for getting me going and for generating many more opportunities than I could have found on my own. From a personal standpoint, I have learned a great deal.”

Chief Administrative Officer, $500MM Consumer Products Company


“With Waterman Hurst, I was able to keep working and get two offers.  My move to a better job was seamless. When you work with them, you have a team of experts preparing you, finding you opportunities and strategizing with you on how to get offers. It was a luxury, but worth the investment.”

President, $800MM Energy Company


“I have used Waterman Hurst for two searches. Both times the introductions and advice where instrumental to achieving my goals. With my last move, I met my lifetime financial goals. They are now helping me search for a board position.”

CMO, $28MM Software Company


“Six weeks into my engagement with Waterman Hurst, I was considering two separate offers (one from my network and one from theirs) and I was already turning away other opportunities.  Within eight weeks, I had accepted an offer. Throughout the process they provided expert advice on interviewing and negotiations, as well as making introductions and getting interviews for me.  It was great to have them on my side as I went through this transition.  When I was ready to make my next move, they offered savvy advice on the state of the market and helped me negotiate a position as CMO at a leading technology company that turned into a huge stepping stone in my career.”

EVP Sales & Marketing, $3B Telecommunications Company


“Waterman Hurst helped me return to Texas.  My family couldn’t be happier. We are now close to extended family and our aging parents and I am on track to become CEO over the next two years.”

COO, $600MM Technology Services Company


“My search was not going well.  My job was going away in two months.  After four months of working on my search with an outplacement firm my company assigned to me, I didn’t have any serious activity.  My industry was shrinking and had laid off many senior executives, so the marketplace was flooded with resumes from my company. I was referred to Waterman Hurst-but most of my network didn’t understand why I was spending the money out of my own pocket.  No one thought I needed help-my career and credentials are very strong, and I know I would have landed a good job with time-but it might have taken a year.  I asked Janice to help me change industries. Within six months, I had four offers. I was able to choose between three, two of them were phenomenal-one my dream job in a related but new and challenging industry. I will work with Janice again.”

EVP Sales and Marketing, $2B Software Company


“During my search, I appreciated having an exceptional team on my side. Whether it was data or advice I needed on an interview, finding more opportunities and interviews, or help with negotiations, they always added value.  Janice is available when you need her and she helps you establish priorities when the search heats up and you need to make decisions.  I always got tremendous feedback on the work Pat Porter did on my behalf.  Every contact Janice and Pat made for me was professional and worthwhile. They don’t waste your time.   I met my goals for my search: changed industries with no relocation.”

CMO, $8B Entertainment Company


“I completed one successful search with Waterman Hurst.  I have hired Janice to strategize with me in my new position whenever the politics are holding me back.  Janice’s “tough love” approach to help you reach your career goals is beyond compare.”

COO, $ 200MM Advertising Company


“Janice is an exceptional executive coach.  She was terrifically effective in crafting a search plan, in unearthing opportunities, in helping prepare for interviews, and in the more difficult process of evaluating potential opportunities and in the deal negotiations.  I’d work with Janice again in a heartbeat.”

Vice President and General Manager, $55B Entertainment Company


“My experience working with Janice and her team during my transition was excellent. My transition took place during 2009, which was probably the worst time in the last 30 years for an executive to be looking for positions. After working with Janice for a few months, I had two very good offers that she helped me secure. She is very professional with exceptional skills in the area of marketing an executive, prepping for interviews, helping navigate opportunities and final negotiations with prospective employers.

I recall working with her on a specific interview that felt like I went in to take a key exam with all the answers. She knew my professional background very well, studied the job description and researched the hiring company. From those three sources of information, she gave me a 5 point outline on the key reasons I was the best candidate for the position. The executive recruiter looked stunned during the interview and I ended up getting an offer of 2 times the base salary I was making in my last role.”

President, $600MM Energy Company


“Used Waterman Hurst on Two occasions. The first time to prepare me to land my first role as a public company CEO. Waterman Hurst was instrumental in preparing me for rigorous interviews from Board Members and Company Executives. Once the offer came through Waterman Hurst assisted closely in handling sensitive negotiations that ultimately proved very useful when transitioning out following a company transaction.

Several years later, when I had the good fortune to receive two offers at the same time, I retained Waterman Hurst to assist me in carrying on negotiations with two parties at the same time, while weighing the pros and cons on what role best for my career positioning and progress…Ultimately, selecting the right role.”

CEO, President, $20MM Asian Consumer Products Company