Career Services and Private Job/Board Search

Career Services and Private Job Search are offered for private leadership clients: CEOs/Presidents, Established Leaders, and Emerging Leaders. Board Search Services are offered for CEOs/Presidents.

Our coaching and services focus on both career and leadership development, as we believe leadership success occurs when individual goals and organizational goals align. We provide assessment, strategy, skill building, branding, coaching and promotion services to enhance leadership ability and skills as well as develop each leader’s short and long term career potential for promotability and career fulfillment. We work with Board Members, CEOs, C-Suite, Established and Emerging Leaders.


Design or redesign their career strategy and/or career marketing communications 

  • expertise to build their strategy and message given new goals

  • help on building plans and obtaining research

  • help to rewrite their resume, profile, biography and marketing letters

  • image and/or communications analysis for expert refinement

Execute a strategic career/job change.   

  • move from private to public or reverse

  • change roles

  • change size of company

  • change geographies

  • obtain their first CEO or C-level role

  • change industries

A previous job search didn’t generate the results that they wanted.

  • want more viable options and offers

  • a shorter search

  • a broader network

  • coaching and intelligence to make the right decision

  • learning on how to best promote themselves

Attain the next level of responsibility and wealth.

  • expert advice on what it will take to get to the next level

  • a comprehensive plan to achieve goals

  • internal navigation and negotiation support

  • external options – understand what is possible

Accelerate career momentum.

  • need root cause analysis and private feedback

  • expert and authentic advice

  • coaching to try out new behaviors

  • support to make change happen

  • learning on how to best promote themselves

Career repair is required.

  • find themselves on the outs or in between and want to understand why

  • put a plan in place to change opinions, rebuild and recover

  • understand how to manage the message

  • get beyond their existing reputation

Obtain a board role from a position of strength.  

  • prepare for a very different kind of search

  • build a plan to land their first board position

Career Leader Branding

Collaborate with experts to ensure your professional message, story and goals are highly visible, give you a competitive edge, and align with your goals

  • Message

  • Story

  • Resume

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Headshot

  • Board Biography (if applicable)

James Whitemore
Chief Marketing Officer
Technology Industry, Colorado

Private Job/Board Search Preparation

Services to prepare you for a strategic and successful comprehensive job/board search

  • Goal Setting

  • Market and Competitive Intelligence

  • Message

  • Positioning

  • Detailed Marketing Execution Plan

  • Complete Contact Lists

  • Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Marketing Letter

  • Biography

  • Headshot

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • LinkedIn Training

Rick Stepien

Chief Executive Officer

Industrial Sector, Michigan

360 Degree Reference Report

To identify unique competitive advantages, validate goals and marketing messages, and confirm reference list for search

  • 8 Reference Calls

  • Summary Report and Consultation

Chris Fay
Executive Vice President
Marketing Services Industry, Illinois

Marketing Execution

Utilize our networks and marketing expertise for your career

  • 12 weeks of introductions for key meetings, leads, opportunities and interviews

  • Strategy Coaching

  • Ongoing Networking Coaching

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • Interview Research

  • Navigation coaching to “get to yes”

  • Negotiation coaching

  • Decision Support

Job Search Coaching

10 weeks of additional support and services

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • Interview Research

  • Coaching to “get to yes”

  • Negotiation coaching

  • Decision Support

Rick Phillips
Executive Vice President
Entertainment Industry, California