Marketing Collateral

Collaborate with experts to ensure your professional message, story and goals are highly visible, give you a competitive edge, and align with your goals

  • Resume

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Headshot

  • Board Biography (if applicable)

James Whitemore
Chief Marketing Officer
Technology Industry, Colorado

Private Job/Board Search Preparation

Services to prepare you for a strategic and successful comprehensive job/board search

  • Goal Setting

  • Market and Competitive Intelligence

  • Message

  • Positioning

  • Detailed Marketing Execution Plan

  • Complete Contact Lists

  • Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Marketing Letter

  • Biography

  • Headshot

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • LinkedIn Training

Rick Stepien

Chief Executive Officer

Industrial Sector, Michigan

360 Degree Reference Report

To identify unique competitive advantages, validate goals and marketing messages, and confirm reference list for search

  • 8 Reference Calls

  • Summary Report and Consultation

Chris Fay
Executive Vice President
Marketing Services Industry, Illinois

Marketing Execution

Utilize our networks and marketing expertise for your career

  • 12 weeks of introductions for key meetings, leads, opportunities and interviews

  • Strategy Coaching

  • Ongoing Networking Coaching

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • Interview Research

  • Navigation coaching to “get to yes”

  • Negotiation coaching

  • Decision Support

Job Search Coaching

10 weeks of additional support and services

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • Interview Research

  • Coaching to “get to yes”

  • Negotiation coaching

  • Decision Support

Rick Phillips
Executive Vice President
Entertainment Industry, California