We help leaders at all stages of their careers realize their professional goals and land internal and external operating and board level opportunities that fit their skills, expertise, values, and aspirations. 

Our team has more than 20 years of experience helping hundreds of leaders achieve their goals. In collaboration with our clients, we craft their stories, message, brand, collateral, and digital presence.  We research and provide market data and construct strategic and focused marketing plans. We promote the right message and visibility in the marketplace, and deploy our extensive network on our client’s behalf. 


BrandingJob/Board Search PreparationJob/Board Search Execution

Branding services prepares leaders to communicate their stories, experiences, and accomplishments to their target market across mediums and platforms.

Job Search Preparation includes a toolkit and all the support, services, and coaching a leader needs to launch their search successfully.

Job Board Search Execution provides end to end support, services, coaching and marketing to launch their search successfully and drive the results needed to achieve their job search goals. With these services, our clients are able to utilize our networks and marketing expertise for the duration of their search.

We serve leaders at every stage of their career.
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Q: Who are your clients?
A: We serve C-level executives, including CEOs and Board Directors, as well as next level, advancing and emerging leaders. Our clients generally earn 300K plus and a great majority work within, run, or sit on the Boards of companies ranging from $50M to $3B.
Q: Who do you work for and who pays your fees?
A: In the great majority of engagements, our private clients select us, we work only for them, and they pay our fees.

We do not accept fees from employers nor their agents, which includes client referrals to investment firms, Private Equity firms, Venture Capital firms, Retained Executive Search firms. There shall be no fees paid by employers nor their agents to Waterman Hurst when our client accepts an operating or board position.

Given the number of highly talented leaders that have been impacted by Covid-19 and the economic fallout, we are serving clients that have been sponsored by their current or recently past CEOS or CHROs through the remainder of 2020 and through 2021. We took the same approach during the great economic recession of 2008 with highly successful results on the part of our sponsored clients. This is a unique service for a unique time.

Q: What is the main reason leaders hire Waterman Hurst?
A: Our clients come to us with specific career goals and have decided they want to conduct a job and/or board search to achieve those goals, either externally or internally. Repeat clients hire us when they want to obtain a promotion or better compensation package, have more career options and visibility, improve their executive presence, improve their relationships at work, relocate geography, etc. We build relationships that span entire careers and often help clients through several career challenges and career moves.
Q: What if I have been fired or laid off. May I hire your firm?
A: Yes, everyone has career setbacks. Getting fired is the most challenging setback. A great majority of our clients that hire us when they are in-between, move on to even more successful careers. We have a specific set of services to help leadership clients that are in-between.

In addition, your current or most recent employer can sponsor your services during the remainder of 2020 and through 2021 to help you with your transition.

If you are an employer and considering engaging Waterman Hurst for one of your leaders, you will be asked to endorse your leader in their external search. If you feel that would not be appropriate, we are not the right team for your leader’s job search.

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