Leadership Services

Waterman Hurst’s job and board search services have been perfected over many years. We have served hundreds of leadership clients and enabled them to achieve their job and board search goals since 2001.

We offer high touch customized service to ensure that each client realizes their potential. Our job and board search preparation, promotion, marketing and coaching services are unique for each client’s needs and goals, but our proven strategic approach and process is the same for every client.

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Our clients and our client’s companies engage us for many different reasons:

  • Current role/company is no longer a fit

  • Want to make a highly strategic job move

  • Obtain their first paid Board position

  • Ongoing Job or Board search has stalled

  • Previous job search didn’t generate optimal results

  • Obtain a promotion, new responsibility, or greater wealth due to a job change

  • Execute a search that is very different from anything they have done before

  • Conduct a job search while they are transitioning from their present company

  • Conduct a job search while they are in between