Janice Waterman | Founder, Leader, Advisor

In 1989, Janice Waterman envisioned a company that was devoted to senior executive careers – and beholden only to private clients. Having obtained a MS in Career Development and her first C-suite role after a fast track career trajectory, she understood the need for a company like Waterman Hurst.

Janice implemented her vision by providing the first direct-to-consumer high end, leadership career services in 2000. Establishing a very high bar for service delivery, goal achievement, integrity and discretion, she provided day to day consultation to Board members, CEOs, and C-level clients within the areas of Private Job Search, Board Search, and Coaching for the first sixteen years of the company’s history. Today, Janice remains the lead consultant while overseeing career services delivery teams and the company has expanded services to become a one stop career shop for leaders. Janice has developed and trained a select client services and client marketing team to support C-level and emerging leader clients.

Prior to founding Waterman Hurst, Janice held officer level roles within two public companies with general management and P&L responsibility, as well as functional responsibility for strategic planning, M&A, operations, manufacturing, quality, marketing, customer service, human resources, legal, real estate and information technology. As a member of the executive board at both global mid-market and mega firms including Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, and Toshiba America Systems, Janice was the executive in charge of top-level recruiting. Janice successfully recruited officers, CEOs and board members as a member of board search committees for two public companies.

Immediately prior to founding Waterman Hurst, Janice was among the top 5 paid executives at Integrated Systems, Inc, a NASDAQ traded company and was recognized by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the top ten highest paid women in Silicon Valley.

Janice is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management Curriculum and holds a B.A. from the University of California and an M.S. in Career Development.