Private Board Search

While there are many different reasons our clients want to secure a Board position, every client that engages us for a Board search wants to contribute on a broader scale and be rewarded accordingly.

The specifications for a Private Board Search vary depending upon our client’s goals. The first step of our Private Board Search process is to tightly define our client’s goals and the parameters of the search which include: Related Career Goals,¬†Industry,¬†Time Commitment, Travel, Contribution level, Opportunity to Contribute, Private, Public or Non-Profit, and Compensation.

The services for a Board Level Private Search are divided into Board Search Preparation and Private Board Search Execution and may be purchased separately or as one end to end search. When purchased end to end, we are your search team every step of the way, from your first day of preparation through your attainment of a Board Seat.

If you would like more details and the costs associated with Private Board Search services, please request a Private Board Search flyer by contacting us below.

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