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Should I Ask For A Promotion?

Before you put yourself on your boss’s calendar, be sure to conduct some due diligence. Here are the questions to ask and research, to determine if it is the right time to ask for an internal promotion. Do you understand the criteria for the job or the next level? If you don’t, ask about the criteria before you ask for […]

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How to Get “Discovered” for a Great Opportunity

The Importance of an Intentional Online Presence for High- Level Job Seekers  Not a week goes by when one of our clients (who are CEOs, C-level and next level executives), doesn’t get “found” for a great opportunity online. An overwhelming majority of retained executive search consultants, external recruiters, internal talent acquisition and human capital executives – all high […]

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Want the Job? Don’t Block Yourself Out 

You have invested emotionally. You’ve experienced the nervous anticipation of a potential new beginning. You invested time to fully prepare for the interview. You invested time for the interview. YOU INVESTED TIME TO COMPETE. YOU THOUGHT SENDING A NOTE WASN’T IMPORTANT Turn your thinking upside down. Your first round was the verbal interview; your second […]

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79% of talent executives champion candidates that are “different, diverse, or don’t meet the job specifications” according to a recent survey of the gatekeepers

.WILTON, Conn., Feb. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — According to a recent Waterman Hurst survey of the gatekeeperssm, the economy and other forces are turning the job market on its head. A great majority of the gatekeepers responsible for finding talent say that they now present different, diverse and out of spec candidates frequently, and 42% of the gatekeepers […]

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Is Video AI and AI Selection the next big thing in hiring? Top Leaders disagree. (Updated Article)

according to the gatekeepers℠… Large companies like Oracle, Unilever and IBM are early adopters of Video AI technology for the initial selection process. Video AI is used to conduct initial interviews for jobs, and in many cases, candidates may never communicate with a human during the selection process. Both traditional AI selection and Video AI […]

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