Client Testimonials

Our clients are ambitious, high energy, innovative, open-minded, highly recommended, and on the quest for learning and self-knowledge. 

Hear from our clients

James Whitemore

Chief Marketing Officer

Technology Industry, Colorado

Rick Stepien

Chief Executive Officer

Industrial Sector, Michigan

Mark Neas


Energy Industry, Texas

Mark Waller

Executive Vice President

Sports Industry, New York

Dan Cahill

Vice President

Business Services Industry, Ohio

Chris Fay

Executive Vice President

Marketing Services Industry, Illinois

Tom Geisel

Executive Vice President

Financial Services Industry, New York

Rick Phillips

Executive Vice President

Entertainment Industry, California

Lonnie Shoff


Healthcare Industry, New York

Tim Cahill

General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer

Healthcare Industry, Ohio

Adam Burrows

Chief Business Officer

Early Stage Internet Marketplace, Colorado

Mark Sullivan


Manufacturing Industry, Ohio

Client Testimonials

CEO, $50MM Beverage Consumer Products

“Waterman Hurst helped me achieve my first CEO position. I will always be grateful. I found that the interview and negotiation advice was priceless.”

COO, $60MM Media Company

“My internal communications and political strategy was holding me back. I worked with Waterman Hurst to change the impression of me within my company and negotiate a significant equity position."

CAO, $12B Industrial Company

“I needed greater visibility in the marketplace as I had worked for one company for 10 years and they limited my external exposure. Waterman Hurst helped me build a networking and affiliation strategy to broaden my reach. The results were amazing in terms of opening doors and even in regard to job opportunities.”

CFO, $ 200MM Advertising Company

"Waterman Hurst's direct approach to improving your communications and perception is very effective. I wouldn’t have been promoted without them.”

President, $20MM Early Stage Healthcare Company

“Before I hired Waterman Hurst I didn’t plan my career moves. I made several mistakes. I started searching for a new President role over a year ago. I wasn’t making any progress on the job search until I was referred to WH by a well-respected YPO CEO within my community. They helped me to think through my strategy and unique capabilities, and clearly identify and understand my targets."

CMO, $28MM Software Company acquired by $2B Telecom Company

“I have used Waterman Hurst services and coaching for my last two job moves. Both times the introductions and advice were instrumental to achieving my goals. With my last move, I joined an early stage company and met my lifetime financial goals.”

CEO, $65MM Industrial Company

“I just landed my first CEO role with help from Waterman Hurst. I had the core skills but not the communication and negotiation skills needed to be seen as a CEO. They gave me the confidence to stick to my goal.”

EVP, $30MM Business Services Firm

“The plan the Waterman Hurst team put together really hit the mark — and when my priorities changed, they were flexible. We built a new plan, and they helped me close the role that turned out to be ideal for me.”

CEO, $10B Manufacturing Company

“As far as I know, Waterman Hurst is the only senior executive consulting firm that does everything for your job search. I hated the idea of networking on my own and making the calls and asking for help. I wanted to choose from many opportunities and my network was limited. I ended up with two offers and I was more than satisfied with the results.”

President and General Manager, $850MM Construction Company

“After my expatriation, Waterman Hurst brought me up to speed on the U.S. job market and made key introductions. One search introduction led to the offer I ended up accepting. Upon returning to the U.S., leaving my old company was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

Senior Partner, $2B+ Consulting Firm

“Waterman Hurst helped me transition to a new career—without their strategy and execution help, I probably would still be stuck in a role with limited challenge and upside. I couldn’t see the way and didn’t have the cycles on my own.”

President, $1B Energy Company

“I recall working with Waterman Hurst on a specific interview that felt like I went in to take a key exam with all the answers. They knew my professional background very well, studied the job description and researched the hiring company. From those three sources of information, they gave me a 5 point outline on the key reasons I was the best candidate for the position. The executive recruiter looked stunned during the interview and I ended up getting an offer of 2 times the base salary I was making in my last role—plus two other offers.”