• A high level job search is complex. Internal career navigation can be equally challenging. Driving career momentum has risks, but the rewards can be great. Most leaders have the potential to derive huge benefit from privately hiring career marketing and navigation experts – an expert or a team of experts whose only agenda is their success. That is the reason Waterman Hurst was founded in 2000, and we remain dedicated to our private client’s careers to this day.

We are a Leadership Career Services and Advisory Company

...our team collaborates with established and emerging leaders to achieve their stretch career goals


Our clients talk about why they hired us and what they have been able to achieve…

Waterman Hurst offers expert, high level career services for private senior executives.  Our services include:

  • Assessment

  • Strategy

  • Private Job/Board Search

  • Coaching

  • Reputation

  • Presence/Image

  • Visibility

Over 90 percent of clients report a high financial return on investment. In addition, over 75 percent feel greater career satisfaction and personal well being as a result of collaborating with our team on their goals.




Level the Playing Field With Private Career Services