Private Services for the Established Leader

Established Leader Services are for C-Suite/Direct Report Leaders who want an internal promotion, a bigger or better role externally, a CEO/President role, or have specific career related goals they want to achieve to enhance their careers.






Craft high level career strategy and make short-term adjustments

  • Self-Knowledge, Communications, and Career Trajectory Exercises

  • Consultation for short term adjustments, goal setting, and mapping a three to five-year plan, defining a plan of action for now and along the way to reach your milestones and goals.

Marketing Collateral

Collaborate with experts to ensure your professional message, story and goals are highly visible, give you a competitive edge, and align with your goals

  • Resume

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Headshot

Private Job Search Preparation

Services to prepare you for a strategic and successful comprehensive job search

  • Goal Setting

  • Market and Competitive Intelligence

  • Message

  • Positioning

  • Detailed Marketing Execution Plan

  • Complete Contact Lists

  • Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Marketing Letter

  • Biography

  • Headshot

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • LinkedIn Training

360 Degree Reference Report

To identify unique competitive advantages, validate goals and marketing messages, and confirm reference list for search

  • 8 Reference Calls

  • Summary Report and Consultation

Marketing Execution

Utilize our networks and marketing expertise for your career

  • 12 weeks of introductions for key meetings, leads, opportunities and interviews

  • Strategy Coaching

  • Ongoing Networking Coaching

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • Interview Research

  • Navigation coaching to “get to yes”

  • Negotiation coaching

  • Decision Support

Job Search Coaching

10 weeks of additional support and services

  • Interview and Networking Preparation

  • Interview Research

  • Coaching to “get to yes”

  • Negotiation coaching

  • Decision Support


Retained coaching to achieve your short-term professional goals which may include

  • Career navigation and ongoing politics.

  • Better relationship(s) at work.

  • Achieving a Promotion/Compensation Package

  • On-Boarding 

Additional Services

  • Image Consultation

  • Executive Presence/Communications Assessment and Consultation

  • Photography/Videography