Want the Job? Don’t Block Yourself Out 

You have invested emotionally. You’ve experienced the nervous anticipation of a potential new beginning. You invested time to fully prepare for the interview. You invested time for the interview. YOU INVESTED TIME TO COMPETE. YOU THOUGHT SENDING A NOTE WASN’T IMPORTANT Turn your thinking upside down. Your first round was the verbal interview; your second […]

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Interviewing in the Wild West: A Story

I had been waiting – and waiting – and waiting – outside of the CEO’s office at Overture Studios. When I first arrived for the interview, I was so excited I could barely contain myself. Thirty years old at the time, I had a shot at the Chief Human Resources Officer job and had been […]

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Should You Accept a “Bigger” Job?

Don joined a $120M company as President of an autonomous subsidiary. The subsidiary lacked energy and focus, and their market was saturated with competitors. Don did what he does best – he led his new team to define a strategy and plan for an adjacent market. Within 12 months, he had grown the business from […]

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