Ask Yourself Three Questions Before Jumping Industries

Your industry is hurting or even hemorrhaging, or maybe it looks as though it may be impacted soon. Given the mass furloughs that have occurred over the last four weeks, which have resulted in over 17 million people filing for unemployment, many are questioning their current positions, their potential prospects, and the impact Covid-19 will […]

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Is there an ELEPHANT in your interviewing room?

Learn how a potential “disadvantage” can be neutralized and transformed during an interview. Alan’s Approach When Alan first met with our senior consultant , he was both excited and anxious about an interview he had scheduled. He was excited because he believed that the role was good fit and a great next step in his […]

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Don’t Polarize Your Professional Brand

We hear and see a lot of people taking sides these days. Making assumptions about those on the other side seems to be commonplace. We have no control over colleagues on the other side of any position, so it is important to understand that we operate as leaders within a polarized world, and often within […]

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