Coronavirus: Corporate Leaders Grapple with Major Disruption by Putting Employees First

Amid the growing coronavirus epidemic, leaders across the world in all industries face enormous disruptions to the status quo: supply chain disruptions, mandatory and widespread quarantines, major economic turbulence, international politics, and of course, these continual changes impact their employees who are the lifeblood of their organizations. In addition to helping to keep employees well, […]

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Does Employee Privacy Still Matter?

according to the gatekeepers… In the early 90s,  only a few technology companies monitored their own employees by mining information from the equipment they provided employees to do their work. By the late 90s, employee monitoring became more sophisticated.  IT departments started purchasing software tools to monitor employee activity – and the tools provided detailed […]

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Is Video AI and AI Selection the next big thing in hiring? Top Leaders disagree. (Updated Article)

according to the gatekeepers℠… Large companies like Oracle, Unilever and IBM are early adopters of Video AI technology for the initial selection process. Video AI is used to conduct initial interviews for jobs, and in many cases, candidates may never communicate with a human during the selection process. Both traditional AI selection and Video AI […]

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