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Is there an ELEPHANT in the interviewing room?

Rick told me he had just been rejected for a Chief Marketing and Sales opportunity, and he was convinced it was because he is Latino. He thought he had an excellent interview with the CEO. He reported that the CEO ended the interview by saying, “You are just what we need.” Later, a member of […]

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Driving Career Momentum

52 C-level executives were asked, “What has been your biggest career mistake?” 29 answered, “I stayed too long.”* Each executive specified a position, or a company,  or an industry, and one mentioned geography.* A dynamic career doesn’t just happen. It is constructed through well planned and selective job moves. Your career momentum builds when you make the right moves at the right time. Ask yourself the following questions: Are you […]

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Will Retained Search Help Me Make a Career Move?

Most likely, not. And it has nothing to do with your competence, your experience, or your likability. Keep in mind the retained search firm’s business model. A search firm helps corporations fill key jobs (you have probably hired a firm to fill a senior executive role). They are under the gun from clients like you who need a position filled. […]

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Have Your Best Opportunities Evaporated?

During initial consultations, very high level and competent executives come to me wondering why their job search has stalled or why a particular opportunity evaporated. Upon examination, I find that during important networking meetings or with hiring executives, they have failed. They don’t fail due to skills, competency, experience or fit-they fail by making a wrong and lasting impression. Don’t be marginalized by doing one or more of the following: Don’t […]

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Changing Industries

Many senior executives desire a new and different challenge that will utilize acquired leadership skills. Marketing yourself for opportunities in a new industry requires a higher level of preparation, confidence, and a well-defined game plan. The career pay-off as a result of a successful industry shift can be big.  New and emerging industries, technology, and business models can […]

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Top Three Interview Mistakes

Over the last twenty five years, as a C level executive in large companies and within my own firm, I have interviewed executives for the top C-level jobs and coached executives for top C-level interviews. Generally, CEOs, Presidents, CFOs and CMOs are experts at communication and promoting their companies. Unfortunately, they suffer from the mistakes […]

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